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At Canyon Edge Auto Body, our name is our promise.  We serve our customers by providing unsurpassed professional collision repair service.  Since 2014, the Canyon Edge Auto Body approach has allowed us to grow in providing superior vehicle repairs.  We arecommitted on fulfilling this promise to each and every customer. 

       Quality Repairs

We understand that when our customers hand over the keys to their vehicle, they are also giving us their trust.  

We do not take it lightly.

That's why choosing Canyon Edge Auto Body as your repair center you will have peace of mind and confidence that your vehicle is in the hands of industry professionals.


The safety of our customers and their vehicles is our highest priority.  Our certified technicians receive continuous, cutting edge training, and our Canyon Edge Auto Body quality assurance protocol ensures that we meet all industry safety guidelines.

At Canyon Edge Auto Body, every vehicle is inspected multiple times, which includes a series of checks and balances at each step of the repair process.

        Customer Experience

Since 2014, we have always put our customers first.  Our team takes pride in creating a better repair experience for our customers.

Canyon Edge Auto body provides FREE professional estimates for all repairs as well as assisting our customers with rental car options and towing arrangements.

We work directly with all major insurance carriers to simplify the claims process.

Once your vehicle enters our shop, we keep in touch with you through your preferred method of contact.

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